FSU Admissions is seeking alumni volunteers to represent the university at local events and college fairs. We are capturing contact information for those of you who are interested, which we will share with Admissions. Admissions will then provide the tools and appropriate trainings for these opportunities.
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Many of the college fairs the Admissions Office attend take place every day of the week at various times. The most common weekday college fair time is between 6:00-9:00 pm. Which days of the week would you typically have the ability to assist? *

As previously stated, our college fairs take place at many different times during the day. If you are able to assist during the week, what times are you available? *

The Admissions Office attends weekend college fairs throughout the year. If you are you available to assist on weekends, please select the days below.

What time on the weekend would you be available to assist?

What is your preferred method of contact? *

Thank you for your time!
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